17 humorous children’s fables based on UN´s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Inspire passion for sustainability and inspire children to understand how the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals can save the planet!

About the 17 Fables series of books

I have been teaching sustainability in years. Since 2016 I have been trying to communicate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals to children and grown-ups, but somehow these fantastic and important goals are very hard to teach and even harder to learn about.

I decided to write a series of children’s fables to communicate to 5-12 year old children about the Sustainable Development Goals and somehow it worked. Suddenly the children were listening, laughing and maybe most importantly: Curious and inquisitive – they wanted to understand and discuss the dilemmas. It was a huge succes and several parents and teachers asked me to publish the books.

Therefore, I decided to write all 17 fables and get them published all over the world. So I could help teachers and parents everywhere teach and communicate to children about these important issues.

The first five goals are ready to publish. I have found a fantastic illustrator which has finished the first book “Luis the Llama and the Troublemakers” and is working on the next four books. So now I just need the funding to print them and pay for illustrations, professional editor and translation.

The books will be published in English and Danish immediately but I will work on quick translations to German and Spanish and more can come if there is a demand.

Instead of making a huge Kickstarter-campaign and try to raise money for 17 books, I have decided that this campaign only works with the first five books (that are all ready to publish in the near future). If this campaign succeed I will write the next 6 stories and make a new campaign later in 2018.

“Felix the Fox and the Forest of Dreams” - Goal 1: No Poverty

Felix is raised in a cardboard box in a backyard in a big city. When he is separated from his parents he goes on a quest to find the “Forest of dreams”. He doesn´t find the forest but he finds a community that helps him find a path in his life.

“Peggy the Panda and the Starving Hunger” - Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

Peggy the Panda lives in an area where bamboo suddenly stops growing. After a long time in hunger, a monkey teaches the family about sustainable agriculture.

“Gabrielle the Gorilla and the Buzzing Mosquitos” - Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Gabrielle is stung by a mosquito with sickness. There is no doctors in her neighborhood so she must go on an adventure to find help.

“Luis the Llama and the Troublemakers” - Goal 4: Quality education

Luis gets into trouble because of a boring teacher and gets kicked out of school. He must take a job as a worker and work hard to support his family. When he gets a wife and children he realize that he must give his children a better chance in life.

“Chloé the Cheetah and the Unfair Pocket Money” - Goal 5: Gender Equality

Chloé gets pocket money like his brother. But one day she finds out that he gets more than her. At first Chloé is furious, but her anger turns to curiosity and she decides to find out why, and whether she is the only sister that is cheated like that!

Risks and challenges

The first five books (which this Kickstarter regards) are in the process of being professionally edited and the illustrations are nearly complete. I am very close to being able to print the books and at this point we don’t anticipate any issues with being able to ship all rewards in december.